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What will Komolika’s next step be to separate Anurag and Prerna in Star Plus’ Kasautii Zindagii Kii?


The iconic Romance of Prerna and Anurag is Currently Performed by Erica Fernandes along with Parth Samthaan. Recentlythere are rumours that the series may possibly Wrapup so on. But taking a look at the existing play, we may not possess a lot of this series and its characters!

Anurag and Prerna were split and Komolika triumphed in carrying over Anurag's entire life span. His female love, alternatively, will not know that and begs him for destroying her own life, attempting to kill her and for discarding her baby for him.

So on, Anurag will come to truly really feel miserable about his partnership with her and certainly will admit to her about the reason he treated her the way he did. Prerna is going to be amazed to listen to all and also certainly can fume with anger.

We're confident with time, Prerna and Anurag will probably reunite but we wonder exactly what Komolika's next thing would be to divide the birds?


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